Swift is the future

When Swift was introduced at WWDC way back in 2014, I wasn't sure whether it would be an overall success or just another vain attempt to make something 'great'. These giant tech companies like to predict what the future will look like and what we all need if we want to be happy and successful in life. As far as I am concerned, they’re not always right. So I stepped back and waited to see how Swift would evolve.

After four years, I must admit that Swift is the future – at least regarding iOS native application development. So it was time to spend more time focusing on Swift application development and migrating my complete chat solution to Swift.

It was an interesting journey to go over all the lines of code I’d ever written in this project. In retrospect, I can say that it really was an extremely long road and a huge effort to make this app happen.

Anyway, by the end of the migration process, I must say I liked Swift. I now like Swift more than I have ever liked Objective-C. I believe they did great, and it's safe to say that Swift is much more than a vain attempt to change the future of coding.

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